Tuesday, September 4, 2012

cliche sayings

hindsight is 20/20. - it really is not.  at best it's exactly your eye's ability to see things- not only do you selectively take in details of your view, it is a complex relationship between the brain and the eye, where the brain fills in comprehensibly for the eyes shortcomings in sight. for hindsight to be so crystal clear, you would have to have an eidetic memory, which almost certainly doesn't exist.

can't have your cake and eat it too. - why not? there are people starving all over this world and you want me to waste this cake? i think you should eat cake. i think you should eat your cake. don't be wasteful. honestly, what a dumb statement!

everything happens for a reason. this isn't what logic intends by casual arguments. there is most definitely an explanation for how something went down. like a car accident: you avoid hitting the other car and swerve into a brick wall. there are a bunch of physical happenings. that doesn't mean it happens for a future reason! those are reasons. the car accident happened. now what? survive or die. and that's it. you can find great and heroic strength in rough times but that's a choice and you deserve the credit for making it.

even a blind dog finds a bone every once in a while. i have a blind dog in my family, my mom's dog. he is amazing. in his ever extended youth, he could hike long distances, chase geese, protect our family and find the smallest morsel of food within mouth's reach. blind dogs aren't pathetic. nor are they really impaired by being blind.

don't cry over spilled milk. i think it's acceptable to cry over spilled milk. milk is difficult to get out of carpet and upholstery. it is like spilling gold nuggets when you have expressed it from your own breast at 2 AM to try to catch a break for the morning feeding, on a weekend.

just water under the bridge. but, what if it is a train bridge over a crowded town center that has been washed out by a tsunami? that's not something i would would take lightly.

take it with a grain of salt. a grain of salt is complex. sodium reacts with chlorine to form Na+ ions and Cl- ions in spite of the fact that the first ionization energy of sodium is larger than the electron affinity of chlorine. does that sound simple to you?