Thursday, August 29, 2013

science mind!

i wanted to do a link listy post today.

IBM has made the world's smallest movie- with 12 atoms. ah! you have to watch, then watch the making of this short movie. Click here to see IBM's Atom movie.

what i want to own: The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Phenomenology.

a new study: Poverty Impedes Cognitive Function. i can name a couple political philosophers that knew that already!

and one more from IBM- this camera sees like the human eye.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

a short hiatus

this summer has been... a learning experience.

i had an unexpected illness that left me feeling unable to move. i never understood the amount of gratitude i could have for something like walking before that seemingly normal part of my life was unreachable. everyday i don't wake up with great discomfort i am entirely happy for. everyday i wake up i am entirely grateful for.

with gratitude is how i want to live.

i have added a mantra to my yoga and meditative practices: i am a part of the whole and a manifestation of the universe that reflects upon itself.

"There was no God in his heart, he knew; his ideas were still in riot; there was ever the pain of memory; the regret for his lost youth - yet the waters of disillusion had left a deposit on his soul, responsibility and a love of life, the faint stirring of old ambitions and unrealized dreams." - F.Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise, 1920!

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