Monday, February 11, 2013

useless words

no, this won't be an emotional post regarding empty promises or political shortcomings. i decided to start a compilation of words that i would like to see less of, also, hear less of.
-very, because it is without value as a qualifier. 
 e.g. I have a very wide range of interests. [translation] I have an amount of interests. [better yet] my interests vary from love and meditation, through philosophy, into the sciences, and, around to music.              
 - a lot, because it means a grouping of things not a real quantity (I am guilty of using this often, I lose.) 
 e.g. I miss you, a lot. [translation] I miss you, a quantity of something. [or] I miss you, a quantity of things that are missed. [better yet] Missing you feels equivalent to hours spent having dental work.
- really, unless it is being used as a question regarding something's actuality, it is a useless quantifier.
 e.g. I really want a new bed. [translation] I don't figuratively want a new bed. [better yet] I want a new bed about as much as I like to shower.

to be continued?