Tuesday, July 24, 2012

not in my backyard syndrome

i identify myself as a coloradoan. recently a massacre occured in a denver suburb.  
although a perspective worth reading won't minimize any pain coloradoans are experiencing, i hope it will relieve the need to come up with rationale and a cure to end violence:

there is no way to know what the killer was thinking; how he grew up, his spiritual beliefs, his brain chemistry. people have been killing each other since people existed. there is no end all to violence in the world. chemical imbalances and unfairness are parts of the human condition. it is hard to swallow that such a hard thing to witness and identify to is meaningless- our little human existences seem so important and we try to make sense out of all of the stimuli we process and meaninglessness is not fathomable to the human psyche.  

instead of suffering the passive societal guilt, i will love and put forth love and try not to underestimate the potential for unfairness in the world. 

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