Tuesday, April 2, 2013

i'm writing a book

it may not interest you. it's a fictitious chick oriented novella. who would have thought? since i am not a scientist, nor am i prepared for my magnum opus in philosophy, this is what is flowing out of me.  i want to be intimately connected with the characters. i want to experience the lucidity of dreaming, during my waking life! it's nearing a novella status and my leading man has only made my protagonist's acquaintance. the antagonist is the easiest to write. i think he's the potential douche in all of us. i am tempted to write a secondary novelette about him. because if you like this genre of chick lit, i hope you'd be curious what happened to him. the kind of curious you are when you're stuck in traffic and you see red and blue lights.

sometimes, when i am having troubles catching the wave to sleep, i play out some scenes like a movie in my head. it's such a trip! since i have written a little (5,000 words, ish) into the story, i can see the characters and make them do what i want. gah! the awesomeness of having ultimate control over something. i am often times in the pits of anxiety over entropy; and this is an exercise of the opposite. i am not a megalomaniac, i am brahma, vishnu and shiva of my little book universe. ah yes, sweet sweet control. i can go back to a certain point in thought and take the characters in a different direction. i can drift into sleepy world while being productive. 

the writing a book thing as an action isn't all that easy. i am on my blog, writing instead of writing my story. i feel a little overwhelmed with the word count. i didn't know that was a force in the industry until i googled "writing a novel." oops. big mistake. there are bunches of rules and trends that i don't want in my book universe.  word counts are an unwanted entity in my writing stint. i am still easily distractible and my two hour allocation a day goes by way too fast.

i don't know how this is gonna turn out but i sure am having fun being creative and using my imagination. i may even write a Berkeley-esqe dialog of philosophy someday.



  1. This is good news. At least you are writing something. Good luck!

  2. Best of luck in regards to writing your book. I found your blog and I am subscribed now.


  3. I am also writing a novel (YA), and I feel so aware of the fact that I have total control over my characters. I almost don't like it, for some reason. I'm writing the story quickly, but also taking breaks, hoping that my days off will give me opportunities to realize what my characters WANT me to do, versus the other way around! We'll see :)