Wednesday, October 17, 2012


blinky, our family dog is dying.

saying goodbye to blinky was one of the hardest things i have had to do. i keep thinking about how i wish i could be less emotionally invested in pets, but then what would be the point of having a pet?

he was a neat being. he adapted to being blind, smashingly. when he was younger, we took him on hikes over rocks with out a leash! one time, at BCLP, he smelled a flock of geese 100 yards away and took off to chase them. the non-blind dogs were not aware of the geese! another time, i was dating a rather dull boy who came camping with me. he had control of the flash light as we made our way back to camp. at one point i was like "dude, point the light ahead, what are you doing?" and he said "i was trying to light the way for blinky!" bahahaha! my mom and her husband were remembering how blinky would tunnel his way out of rooms through the drywall! or go ahead and break through a window to wait outside for my mom to get home. blinky was such an interesting dog. he liked to use blankets to pacify himself, holding them in his mouth as he slept. he freaked people out. when we first got him his remaining eyeball was bulging out of his face. with a little love and glaucoma medicine, it went back into his eye-socket, but looked so so so weird. one of my old friends used to avoid all contact with him because she was afraid his eyeball would touch her. other friends were fascinated with blinky's ability to get around, especially in new places.

i don't really know how to cope with his death. for now i will distract myself and love and play music. hugs are currently being accepted.

here is the song that has touched me regarding this situation, i am learning to play it and dedicating it to blinky. " is watching someone die."

watch my attempt at playing the riff from "what sarah said"; it soothes me.

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