Sunday, November 4, 2012

a chemical reaction

nerve growth factor, testosterone,estrogendopaminenorepinephrineserotoninoxytocin, and vasopressin are the chemicals associated with love. 

today i was reminded why you don't have to cut up every picture of a lost love, nor try to forget the people of your past. sometimes the pain of the facing your loss of a loved person (whether it be to their demise or a distance that quite simply is much too far to row) can help you remember what a neat chemical experience you had with them. every chance encounter is different, chemically. some people in life are more affectionate and the oxytocin you experience with affectionate people helps to define the lasting memory of your experience with them. love is an addiction. it isn't a craving- it is a high. love, in a chemical explanation helps ground me and remember that experiences are fleeting, numbered, unique and a reminder that being as such is a complex journey. 

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