Monday, September 23, 2013

first fall painting and playlist (feeling inspired)

my first fall painting!

william butler yeats thought of autumn as a representation of the aging self : i thought of fall in the same light just today. my thoughts did not have have the prose or eloquence as the wild swans at coole, but i did think, hey it's the fall of my 30th year- the season that my body and mind are in sync and agree that life is beautiful! all the leaves will recycle and nourish the soils below. autumnal foliage is so pleasing! i feel inspired and full of energy.

i am thankful i can quote the beatles with certainty that "i have to admit it's getting better, a little better, all the time." i am healing from my wisdom teeth extractions and the stiffness and achey-ness i was feeling are lessening!

my first fall cover song (on the ukulele) is talking bird by death cab for cutie.

and... presenting my first epic fall playlist of 2013:

one day they'll know - pretty lights - a color map of the sun
slow moves - jose gonzalez - live on kcrw
from the morning - nick drake - pink moon
crazy in love - pattern is movement - daytrotter sessions
gone away from me - ray lamontange - till the sun turns black
autumn fallin' - jay may - autumn fallin'
possibility - lykke li - twilight new moon soundtrack (haha)
the predatory wasp of the palisades is out to get us! sujan stevens - come on feel the illinoise!
re: stacks - bon iver - daytrotter sessions
you got what i need - joshua radin - mom and pop mix tape, vol 1
the rip (portishead cover) - radiohead - covers by radiohead
a lack of color - ben gibbard - at the bowery ballroom
goshen - beirut - the rip tide
my body is a cage - peter gabriel - scratch my back
the needle and the damage done - neil young - decade
perfect timing - obra square - sunshyness
the times they are a changin' - bob dylan - best of
yellow bird - pretty lights - a color map of the sun
when we meet again - nicole reynolds - the arduous alchemy
after the curtain - beirut - gulag orkestar
foreground - griaaly bear - veckatimest
looks like i'm up shit creek again - tom waits - the early years
the backside grind - plan b - i'm the captain, where we going?
the kings were good - point juncture, wa - heart to elk
perfect disguise - modest mouse - the moon and antartica
wandering star - portishead - dummy
poison cup - m/ ward - kcrw morning
true love waits - thom yorke - 10.27.02 bridge school benefit
for you - sharon von etten - because i was in love
he's gone (chantels cover) - vivian girls
airplanes - the local natives - daytrotter session
nice dream - thom yorke - 10.26.02 bridge school benefit
the boxer - simon & garfunkel - best of
king of spain - the tallest man on earth - the wild hunt
chicago (acoustic version) - sufjan stevens - the avalanche: outtakes & ext
workin' on leavin' the livin' - modest mouse - building nothing out of something

i hope you feel as wonderful as i do this lovely, colorful season.

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