Wednesday, September 4, 2013

writers... deficit of attention

when i sit down to write my novel (s?) or short stories  i have a hard time getting connected to the page. i want to find a different writing app, as the application i am using now doesn't engage me as i would like. my process is often interrupted by the lingering desire to read and learn. today my intention was to write a short story. what am i doing? blogging. if i can get this short story written i will publish it here.

also, it seems that if i can find the groove of some music, i can get some substantial writing done. if i can't find anything in my vast musical library i can't write. once, i got stuck on "shelter from the storm" and wrote a romantic plot entirely based on how bob dylan was making me feel. today's groove is animal collective's campfire songs has inspired an odd voice in my writing.

i now understand why writers rent country homes and withdraw from their daily lives to write. i wonder what the woods would inspire me to write?


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  1. Try listening to some Nina Simone tunes too. Good luck!