Sunday, August 14, 2011


a philosophy professor once told me he that if you could see my mind in an valley of grass, it would make random beautiful patterns stretching across the entirety of your field of view.

last week, i spread the nerd on thick. i found myself with a few people willing to enjoy pondering the latest in physics and biology. we took PBRs and tubes on the river and chatted about life and giggled as we enjoyed our time together. we bathed in the hot springs under a full moon and clear sky for the perseids shower. i got to forget how fucked up things in Africa or 'Merica are, let go of my uptightness and exercise my freedoms. we weren't married to time. what a refreshing state of being.

my dear friend sent me a message recently that read "ignorance really is bliss." but, you have to be aware that you're being ignorant to feel blissful. it just cannot be blissful to feel compelled to hate gay people or to feel uncomfortable around people that have darker skin than you.

as we enjoyed friend love in the mountains, i made sure to stop thinking and just take it in. that was bliss, sweet chaotic bliss.

my current tonal amusement: cocorosie, devendra banhart, and billie holiday


  1. That truly sounded like a wonderful and magical night. I'm happy for you. :) And I'm happy that you're more than just a tolerant person who simply puts up with diversity, but also a person who seems to hold the desire to understand what is different. A person who is the latter of the two always holds the capacity to learn more and thus grow more.

    Keep the posting; it's good stuff! :)