Wednesday, July 6, 2011


iPod, iPad, iPhone

my first apple product, a "shuffle"

All in good working order

i do love my material possessions. it is terrible. i enjoy every apple device i own. i play with everyone of them once in a while. i had the "shuffle" before i carried a dedicated flash drive, so i allocated so much space for homework assignments i needed to print at school. mostly, i love the ability to listen to vast stretches of the musical plain easily; expanding my horizons exponentially. nonetheless my intellect feels a bit cloudy. i am aware of some of the repercussions of my love of material crap. i want to teach my children a better balance than i have today. gadgets are neat, but should you want them?
i should just be content that my family has it's health and we have delicious vegetables on the table. i should feel grateful for all the nice things that anyone has ever done for me and feel whole at all times. but i don't. i fill some negation of the whole with material possessions. i don't think i am unhappy with life, but i have allowed the materialism that drives people into war to move in my head.
today, we met dally. she was the sweetest little girl i have met in a long time. she had curly brown hair, beautifully browned skin, brown/hazel eyes. when her mommy sat her down, i noticed she did not have arms or legs. she warmed up to us immediately. she asked me why stella had a monkey on her back and i told her because the two babies run in different directions and i needed the monkey to help me keep them close to me. she was the most bright sweet little girl. when we parted, she said goodbye. i returned a goodbye and smiled inside. i love her. she was inspiring. she didn't have a clue the adversity she was going to face. she was not jealous or angry that anyone else had functioning limbs.
i feel like my experience today with Dally and my slightly hypocritical rant the other day have clouded up my my accepting the rules for the now. my quest is to find a better medium.

listening to: paper bird, anything nameless and joymaking

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