Tuesday, July 12, 2011

mundane task of working out

you can feel the release of frustration, the contempt for the machines and the collective insecurities as you walk though the gym. this gym is busy and that works for me. i need to pretend someone is judging me and that makes me want to work harder. if i feel no pressure i am not in a routine so i naturally pick the path of least resistance. is that possible at a gym?

i warmed up on a super elliptical. one that yells at you when your heart rate goes below it's best potential for a work out. i stayed on that bitch for 28 minutes. it took me up a hill. the pretty faced girls around me read magazines about how the duchess of cambridge wears the perfect clothes, and how somebody got liposuction. as they probably lost themselves in a television like place. i lost myself in my own little world of music and endorphins. i have said this before but i enjoy any activity that allows me to listen to music.

top five workout songs today:
Swing Tree- Discovery
Atoms for Peace- Thom Yorke
Oh, Mojave- The Ruby Suns
7/4 Shoreline - Broken Social Scene
Natural Anthem- Postal Service

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