Wednesday, July 20, 2011

existence is perpetually stuck in the past

your conscious can conceive of three parts of time. the past, the very recent past, and the future as predicted by the past. the past is a place you visit; wired with treasured memories, traumas, perceived experience (is there any other kind?). the recent past is sometimes called the present. you can't actually experience in the present. your brain takes a brief moment to organize and decode the data that comes from your sensors, so by the time you "feel" anything the environment that created it (and time) has passed. that doesn't mean you shouldn't bask in the glory of the morning fog around layers of green mountains as they are something worthy of awe. the future obviously does not exist yet. it is a non-existent scenario generated by the rules your brain has made, borrowing from your past. the laws of physics as you experience them, the colors, the way birds sound, the feeling of the carpet as it touches your feet in the morning, all cog-generated rules applied in the futurecast.

listening to Fountains and Tramways by Beirut

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