Tuesday, July 5, 2011

not so proud to be an 'merican

i pretended that i was a wholesome American for a day. now it is back to business as usual. my undying hatred for unbearably idiotic 'mericans.

today, some broad was tried and not convicted of killing her child and this blew up my news feed as i was trying to enjoy my 20 minutes of peace and a bowl of homemade tortilla soup on this gloomy july day. almost every person who is as desperately addicted to the shallow confines of the book of face tweeted about it. so i resisted. i did not follow this case, i have better news to follow. i tweeted that (in less dramatic wording) i wished people gave a flying fuck about the inhumane, genocidal acts occurring just on the African continent. jesus rollerblading christ!!!!! now i feel like i may in fact blow up. two of my friends have really upset me. they informed me that their passion towards the subject was not misplaced; they are 'mericans and they should only care about the happenings occurring inside these borders. i feel rather traumatized! is this why all of the jews died? the 'merican sheeple were mislead to believe it was none of our business? even though this country  entirely profits from others being taken advantage of then MURDERED, it isn't our business and we should be passionate about a single child's life being taken within our country?

my heart hurts. i have tears. not for a child, whom i did not know but is easily relate-able to my own children, but for the people of the world. i fucking love everyone on this planet. if i don't know you personally, i love you as a human, in ar riyad, france, yemen, the congo, denver, the czech republic, florida, hammond IN, quezaltenango, ipoh... where the fuck ever, I LOVE YOU. i will raise my children to be loving kind caring compassionate human beings as well. 


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